busyness of life.

I am definitely one of those people who still carries around a black book. I love being able to cross off tasks, pencil in coffee dates, make sure all my deadlines are highlighted & completed, and to help make sure I keep my commitments. While I am sure that some people would be impressed with all the “important” things I keep myself busy with- it can be extremely overwhelming.

I have realized lately that when people ask me how I am doing, my instant response has been “busy”. There are times when I feel like I am being stretched in every which way; trying to be a good friend, meeting all my work deadlines, make change/difference in the lives of my clients, spend time in my relationship with the Lord, and enjoy the life that the Lord has blessed me with.

Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t think that busyness by itself is wrong. But busyness does require intention. We need to be intentional with our time. We need to make sure that in all we do, that we are serving and allowing God to be our motivation.

God can and WILL accomplish what He needs to in the time He has given us. Sometimes 24 hours does not feel like enough- but God has blessed us all with the same hours in the day. Making God our top priority will relieve us from the stress that we put on ourselves. He does not expect us to do everything on our own. He loves us too much for that; He wants to walk with us EVERY day through EVERY situation. Focus on doing the best you can, and leave the rest in God’s hand.

My calendar is busy, and I have a lot of deadlines and appointments that are important to keep- but I have learned that making time to rest in the Lord is the most important appointment to keep. I make time for so many things- making time for my relationship with the Lord needs to be priority. The benefits that some from trusting my life in His hands and resting in Him are well worth the effort.

Colossians 3:23 “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord”.

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