Many of us know what it feels like to be betrayed by those we love, or left heartbroken by those who we relied on. It is hard to trust others because we have trusted before and were left feeling empty and alone. With trust comes vulnerability, and being vulnerable is terrifying. It means opening up doors knowing that pain could lie on the other side. I have been told throughout my life that I need to grow “thicker skin”. I am one of those who would easily trusts others, and over the years I have been left feeling betrayed, and hurt (time and time again). I’ve learned that after the pain passes, we get up, dust ourselves off, and move on- the outcome however being, that we learn to not trust just a little more.

With people being so selfish within today’s society, it seems as though there are fewer and fewer people to trust. Without knowing it, we begin to view God in the same way we view people. We stop going to Him because we think that He will be unwilling to help us. We choose walk the other way because we figure that He will just let us down. We rely on our own strength instead of His because we think, in that moment, that our strength is enough.

The truth is, even when we feel that there is no one left to trust, not even ourselves, we do have One who we can turn to. Our Savior is the only One who you can truly trust with everything; our circumstances, our finances, our relationships,  our future, with our heart, with our family, with our job, etc. I know that it may sound too good to be true, but it’s the truth. Even when we cause Him pain by being disobedient, running from Him, and choosing sin- He continues to love us and bless us. (His grace boggles my mind)

Isaiah 40:28-29 says “do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom. He will give strength to the weary and increase the power of the weak”.

Our God is constant. He will not forsake us, not for a moment. So when you feel as though your world is spinning out of control (which WILL happen)- I encourage you to reach to the One who is always there; the One who won’t betray you, who walk away, and who will never abandon you. He will be there with you through it all; all of life’s wonderful ups and downs!  We have to remind ourselves of the cross, and that Jesus was willing to suffer and die for us.  He did that, not so we would live in bondage or fear of Him, but so we would live in freedom with Him. To live free, is to trust Him with all we are, and with all we have. Step out in faith the next time you feel alone- and know that He is there ready to comfort you, listen to you, provide you strength, replace your anxiety with peace,  and love on you.

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