(lets be honest) none of us actually have it ALL together

We often take for granted what we have! People complain, envy what others have, have jealous hearts, and constantly want more.  God blesses our lives each and every day; through our friends, our family, through situations and circumstances. We don’t deserve these gifts and blessings, but our God shows us compassion. We don’t earn them, He freely gives them. During this season we can get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everything and take for granted Gods grace. We take for granted all the blessings that He has surrounded us with.
God wants us to live obediently; to guard our hearts and protect those we love. When He blesses us, He is expecting us to take care of the gifts He has blessed us with. He wants us to love and support our family and friends, He wants us to be diligent at our job, and faithful in our promises. He doesn’t want us to get wrapped up in the lies and facades that we have it all together. Cause lets be honest, none of us actually have it all together.
We need to be willing to accept what He has for us and not pursue our own desires. God desires us to reform our actions; to be willing to turn away from our sinful actions and strive to be more like Christ. Those masks that we find ourselves wearing at times will eventually taint our hearts. We will forget our gifts and who we truly are instead of focusing on  the blessings being poured into our lives and into the lives of those around us.
There have definitely been moments when I felt unworthy of love and the blessings He gives (and the Christmas season seems to intensify this feeling). However, my worth is not in who likes me or doesn’t like me. My worth is not in my success or anyone’s opinion. My worth is not in my past mistakes. My worth however comes from the One who created me. When we are able to keep our eyes on the Lord and putting our identity in Him- we find peace, we find grace. Now lets be honest, it is easier to say those words than it is to live those words. Taking the journey from head knowledge to heart believing is not an overnight process. Taking time to reflect on God’s blessings in our lives and blocking out all the noise can bring us back to the feet of our Father. It can refresh and renew our spirit.
One of the best things to help me get through some of the hardest times and help me to refocus on the Lords grace and mercy has been my church community and my friends. Real friends to share life with can give us the strength to overcome the hardships that arise in our lives. They can encourage us, pour truth into our lives, and remind us of Gods unconditional love.

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