Essential Oils

My introduction to essential oils was when someone I trusted suggested that I use a Young Living oil to help support our wellness. When I saw a difference, I knew I had to learn more. Since then, I have used essential oils for so many things!! Finding and using Young Living oils is something I truly thank God for everyday! I am so glad I was introduced to therapeutic-grade essential oils, and I want to share their power with you. YOU are in charge of your health! Thank you so very much for visiting!


A B O U T   E S S E N T I A L   O I L S :

Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use. Young Living has always been at the forefront of bringing this ancient tradition to modern users, introducing millions to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness that can be truly life-changing.

Extracted through careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they come. Any time you hold a bottle of Young Living’s powerful essential oils, you hold nature’s pure essence.


G E T T I N G   S T A R T E D :

Wondering how to order these amazing oils at wholesale prices? There are several starter kits to choose from, but enrolling with the Premium Starter Kit is the most cost-effective way to start using the oils AND get a wholesale membership at the same time!!

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The Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with 11 oils, your choice of a diffuser, and a wholesale membership (save 24%). If you enroll with me below, I will send you a couple of my favorite essential oil books to get your started on your journey! (please don’t forget to fill out your email so I can get in touch with you on where to send your gifts!)


O R D E R I N G   I N S T R U C T I O N S :

Click Here to Order!  (and then follow the steps below)

  1. Choose Member
  2. Choose your country & language preference
  3. Be sure the Sponsor ID/Enroller ID fields are filled out with number 12910292
  4. Choose your Premium Starter Kit.  I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser, but choose what works for you.
  5. Choose whether to enroll in the Essential Rewards program.  This is Young Living’s customer loyalty program where you can earn free product, and it is completely optional.  You can opt into this autoship program at a later date as well.
  6. Either Add Additional Products to your cart, or proceed to check out
  7. Fill in personal information (address, email, phone number)
  8. Select a user name, password, and 4 digit PIN (please write these down!)
  9. Fill in Commission Processing Information (this relates to whether you plan on receiving commissions from Young Living by having people order under you)
  10. Check the box to agree with Young Living terms
  11. Choose shipping method and enter payment information
  12. Review cart and be sure to select ACTIVATE AND PLACE ORDER


You’re all set!!  If you have any trouble ordering, please contact Young Living at 1-800-371-3515.  If you have questions before you enroll, please contact me!  And don’t forget to watch for my welcome email so you can let me know where I should send your gifts.


S O M E   O F  M Y   F A V E S:

  • Thieves: This Young Living essential oil blend is a member favorite. Thieves can be diffused and is also a great choice for homemade hand purifier and hand soap. Use Thieves Vitality to make a tea that can support the immune and the respiratory systems, or take a few drops in a capsule. 🙂

Image result for THIEVES OIL

  • Lemon: Lemon is best known for it’s ability to cleanse toxins from any part of the body and is widely used to stimulate lymph drainage, to rejuvenate energy, purify skin and act as a bug repellent. Lemon oil works in many areas of your life, from household cleaning to supporting brain energy and freshening the air.

Image result for lemon essential oil

  • Peppermint:  Peppermint essential oil gives a cooling sensation and has a calming effect on the body, which can relieve sore muscles when used topically. It also has antimicrobial properties so it can help freshen bad breath and soothe digestive issues.

Image result for peppermint essential oil

  • R.C:  This one is AMAZING!! Benefits include fighting respiratory infections, providing a boost to the immune system, eliminating inflammation and pain, easing sleep, lowering stress levels, increasing energy levels, and detoxifying the body. Place a few drops in a hot bath or shower. The warm water will calm and soothe you, and the oil will diffuse with the steam for an invigorating and empowering experience.

Image result for rc essential oil


WA Y S   T O  U S E   E S S E N T I A L   O I L S:

Topically – Essential oils can be applied topically to the skin.  Some oils require dilution with a carrier oil before rubbing them on the skin, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or Young Living’s V-6 blend.  You can apply some oils neat, which means without diluting.

Aromatically – Essential oils can be inhaled from the bottle or diffused in the air with a diffuser.  They can also be dropped on a cotton ball or wet cloth and inhaled.

Internally – Because Young Living essential oils are therapeutic grade, many of them can be used internally and taken orally as a dietary supplement.  ALWAYS read the bottle to see if a specific oil is safe for internal use.  NEVER use a lesser-quality brand of oil internally (the bottle of another brand usually says “Not for internal use!”)



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